Isaah Mhlanga on a positive MTBPS: getting to know Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana

12 November 2021

After our new Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana delivered his first Medium Term Budget Policy Speech, ERSA’s host speaks to Isaah Mhlanga, a Chief Economist at Alexander Forbes and ERSA fellow, to reflect on the much-anticipated speech. Did the MTBPS build confidence among South Africans and how did markets respond? In this podcast, we learn more about our new Finance Minister; what makes him different and how he is managing both political and social tensions that have been exacerbated since the pandemic. Riding off a recent commodity boom and tax revenue shortfall, were funds spent in the last year, well spent, and how can we live within our means going forward? Still navigating a strained fiscal environment means we must consider the broader components of aggregate demand to stimulate economic growth and create a business-friendly environment. Using his humour, Isaah highlights why this was such a positive speech. To learn more about Enoch Godongwana’s pragmatic approach, take a listen and share with all those interested – it is not to be missed.

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