EconData and the world of single source automatable data

15 May 2022

In this podcast we learn how EconData has solved a couple problems that many economic students, academics and researchers have encountered: firstly, the limited accessibility of South African macroeconomic time-series data, and secondly the inefficiencies related to cleaning a dataset, that someone else has most likely already done. Here, twoof the Codera Analytics and EconData co-founders, Daan Steenkamp and Byron Botha, explain how this platform not only provides over 80 000 macroeconomic time-series data points from South Africa’s rich data landscape, but updates them automatically thereby enabling the automation of workflows. Starting with an internal collection of scripts, the data collection grew, and with a vision to alleviate the laborious process and become a collaborative, community effort, EconData invites all to get involved. To learn more about this efficient process listen to our podcast and enjoy the accompanying resources below.

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