Dr Biniam Bedasso on immigration and political preferences in South Africa: how has voting behaviour evolved?

13 November 2020

During the past week the buzz word has been ‘voting’, given the nail-biting US elections that have recently taken place. In this podcast, ERSA’s host speaks to Dr Biniam Bedasso who is an expert on South African voting behaviour. As the foundation of democracy, we must be aware of how voting behaviour changes in both young and mature democracies. With a global rise of anti-foreigner sentiment over recent years, this podcast explores how the concentration of immigrants affects political preferences and voting behaviour in South Africa. In addition to explaining his research which uses a novel panel dataset, Biniam touches on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the evolution of voting behaviour. There is also some advice for the incumbent and opposition parties, for those of you that are as passionate about voting behaviour as us. Enjoy!

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