Dr Filippo Taddei on Structural Reforms in Italy: what can South Africa learn?

9 December 2020

After its sovereign debt crisis in 2011, Italy experienced its worst recession since World War II. With the labour market heavily dependent on the manufacturing sector and facing decreasing productivity and growing inequality, Italian policy makers were given the opportunity to turn the situation around. In this podcast, ERSA’s host speaks to Dr Filippo Taddei, an Associate Prof. of International Economics at John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), who recently moved to the European Team at Goldman Sachs as a Senior Economist for Southern Europe. Filippo and his team were key players in designing and implementing the structural reforms that enabled the Italian labour market to improve significantly. In this podcast, Filippo shares this experience and explains how structural weaknesses can be identified, how the policy environment received the labour market reforms and how these learnings are helpful to South African policy makers facing similar issues. Insights from this podcast will inspire policy makers from all fields and are not to be missed.

Economic Research Southern Africa
Economic Research Southern Africa
Dr Filippo Taddei on Structural Reforms in Italy: what can South Africa learn?
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