Working Paper Submissions

Submission of Working Papers

ERSA is interested in promoting economic research in all areas of the discipline and invites submissions to its Working Paper series in all areas of economics. We particularly welcome papers that engage with research questions in the follow areas:

  1. Economic Growth
  2. International Integration of the South African economy
  3. Social Expenditure and its Impact
  4. Labour Market Analysis
  5. Tax Policy
  6. Data Quality Issues
  7. Policy Analysis
  8. Financial Sector Policy

New Mechanism –Applicable to all submissions in all stages of review as from 1 September 2017

  1. ERSA will accept submission of complete Working Papers that have not already appeared in another Working Paper series. Such submissions will be subject to peer review, and acceptance is also conditional on the provision of an op-ed styled policy brief at the first revision of the paper. The policy brief should include the main thrust of the critical findings and/or key results of the research and clearly defined policy implications. Authors may be requested to supply data and do-files, attached to their Working Paper submissions to ERSA. However, the confidentiality of such data will be ensured.
  2. On acceptance of a submission, the paper will appear as an ERSA Working or Policy Paper, and where the paper is subsequently published in a peer reviewed journal a payment for the journal article will be made on the scale outlined in point 3 below, subject to ERSA board policy prevailing at the time of publication.
  3. For papers published in a peer reviewed journals a payment may be made on the following scale:
    • ISI top 30 a payment of R35000
    • ISI ranking from 100 – 30 a payment of R20000
    • ISI ranked journals – from 200-100 a payment of R 5000
  4. The ISI ranking will be based on the metric provided by the total citations criteria in the Economic Subject Category.
  5. The latest available on-line ISI ranking will be utilised in assessing the journal.
  6. ERSA will not subsidize publications which appear in the Beall's list (predatory journal list). For info on this please see
  7. It is incumbent on authors to notify ERSA of the publication of the article in a relevant journal. For payment, a hard copy of the final publication is required as proof.
  8. Research support from ERSA is to be acknowledged in all presentations of research material to emerge from this project including in the final publication of the paper in a journal. Payment is conditional on such an acknowledgment.
  9. Copyright responsibilities vest in the author of the paper.
  10. Please note that all ERSA’s funding obligations are subject to continued funding by its donors. Should such funding cease ERSA may not be able to honour all of the above payments.
  11. Please note that all payment received for research is subject to applicable PAYE tax deductions.
  12. This funding mechanism is open to Economics researchers with an attachment to a South African university.


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