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Workshop on Macroeconomic Research and Modelling

4 day workshop
Mon, 05 September 2022

Our economic society has been struggling with the shortage of macroeconomists for long time. Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA), in partnership with the department of economics at Stellenbosch University, is pleased to announce the upcoming workshop on macroeconomic research and modelling at Stellenbosch University. The workshop aims to provide scholars who are interested in macroeconomics an opportunity to improve their research capacity and skills. It is a continuation of the previous one in 2020.

We are delighted to announce that Prof. Junior Maih, Senior Economist at Norges Bank, will present us a 4-day workshop. The workshop focuses on micro-founded DSGE modelling approach with regime switching. The workshop covers the economic foundations of macroeconomic models and how they relate to policy issues; techniques for solving and analyzing DSGE models with regime switching; how to use RISE toolbox to do simulation and estimation analyses of these models. Throughout the workshop, Prof Maih will also share his knowledge and experience of doing research in macroeconomics.

Workshop Date and Location: 
5-8 September 2022, Stellenbosch

About the presenter:

Prof. Junior Maih is a Senior Economist and special advisor at Norges Bank (Central Bank of Norway) and an Associate Professor in the Economics Department at the Norwegian Business School (BI). He holds a PhD from the University of Oslo (December 2005), where his doctoral dissertation was “Asymmetric Trade and Nominal Rigidities in a DSGE Perspective: Implications for the Transmission of Shocks and Real Exchange Rate Dynamics".


ERSA invites academics, graduate students, and researchers from other institutions, such as the South African Reserve Bank and the National Treasury, to attend the workshop. We especially welcome those who attended the previous macroeconomics workshop in March 2020 to join us again. In order to ensure a successful and meaningful workshop, we require accepted applicants to do necessary preparation prior to the workshop. We will provide you with necessary guidance and study materials in due course.

Please send your application to [email protected] on or before April 30, 2022. In your application email, please enclose a brief description of your position and a short motivation indicating why you would like attend the course. For more information about the workshop, please contact Guangling Liu: [email protected].

Disclaimer: ERSA will cover travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants from South African institutions. Places are limited and funding for attending the workshop is entirely at the discretion of the organizer. While the training is free of charge, including flights and accommodation, if necessary, delegates are expected to pay for any other expenses incurred. Flights cannot be cancelled and any changes are at the delegate’s own expense and responsibility.