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Latest Publications

Forest commons, vertical integration and smallholder’s saving and investment responses: Evidence from a quasi-experiment

Dambala Gelo
As the result of prohibitively high transaction costs, smallholder farmers are only partly integrated into agricultural and forest commodity markets, a situation that may leave them in a lower level of development equilibrium (i.e., a poverty trap). For the most part, many users of forest commons...
Aug 2020
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Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Organisms in Cape Town: A Choice Experiment Approach

Benjamin Dovey and Herbert Ntuli
This paper reports a study done on Cape Town consumers, with the aim to understand how their purchasing decisions are shaped with respect to GMOs. A choice experiment approach was used to examine consumer preferences for biotechnology products in the food market. Four models were run to analyse the...
Jul 2020
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Optimal Targeted Lockdowns in a Multi-Group SIR Model

Daron Acemoglu, Victor Chernozhukovz, Iván Werning, Michael D. Whinston
We study targeted lockdowns in a multi-group SIR model where infection, hospitalization and fatality rates vary between groups—in particular between the “young”,“the middle-aged” and the “old”. Our model enables a tractable quantitative analysis of optimal policy. For baseline parameter values for...
Jul 2020
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Latest Workshops

Graduate Training in Macroeconomics: Solving and Estimating Macroeconomic Models with Regime Switches

02 Mar 2020 to 06 May 2020
University of Pretoria
General equilibrium micro-founded macro model is now mainstream economics and it is important that the techniques of calibration/estimation of these models are acquired promptly among South African academics as well as MPhil and PhD students.
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“BigTech’s Foray Into Finance - Opportunities and Challenges Ahead”

17 Jan 2020
University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business
The financial system faces unprecedented change at a rapid speed. New technologies offer new opportunities for incumbents and disruptors alike, but can also pose new risks for regulators. The past few years were characterised by a Cambrian explosion of startups who challenge incumbent institutions...
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CANCELLED: 'Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy'

18 Mar 2020
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
***Keynote Speaker*** Kenneth Scheve (Stanford) The second Economic Research Southern Africa workshop on ‘Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy’ brings together scholars and practitioners of growth and political economy of Africa. Sessions with a keynote speaker and...
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Macroeconomic and Financial Modelling for Economic Policy

26 Nov 2019 to 27 Nov 2019
University of Pretoria, Research Hub - EMS Building
The 7th Annual Monetary Economics workshop will be dedicated to the contribution of macroeconomic and financial modelling to the formulation of economic policy. The workshop will be a combination of technical presentation and roundtable discussions between academics and policymakers. South African...
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