Keyword: Ecological Systems

Using Minigames to Explain Imperfect Outcomes in the Ultimatum Game
In evolutionary game theory, “minigames” with reduced strategy sets...
Published: 16 January 2017
Melt van Schoor
Working Paper
Dynamic deterrence analysis of factors affecting the management of Sudan Fishery
This paper adapted the modified dynamic deterrence model to investi...
Published: 26 September 2012
Sana Abusin
Working Paper
Providing Economic Incentives for Biodiversity Conservation in an Emerging Bioregional ...
This paper starts from the now widely-held premise that biodiversit...
Published: 20 September 2012
Kelly Scheepers, Eric Mungatana, Frank Matose, Harry Biggs, Kevin Moore, Edwin Muchapondwa, Amanda Driver
Working Paper
Can the restrictive harvest period policy conserve mopane worms in Southern Africa? A b...
Imbrasia Belina also known as the mopane worm, like other edible in...
Published: 20 September 2012
Wisdom Akpalu, Precious Zikhali, Edwin Muchapondwa
Working Paper

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