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International Lending Channel, Bank Heterogeneity and Capital Inflows (Mis)Allocation
Working Paper 887 This paper explores the role of banks’ heterogene...
Published: 16 August 2023
Silvia Marchesi, Lucas A. Mariani
Working Paper
Addressing low labour utilisation in South Africa
Policy Paper 27 South Africa’s stubbornly low labour utilisation ra...
Published: 28 June 2021
Christopher Loewald, Konstantin Makrelov, Andreas Wörgötter
Policy Paper
Nicola Viegi on the potential impact of the Coronavirus on South Africa: policy co-ordi...
In this podcast, Prof. Nicola Viegi, the Deputy Director of ERSA an...
Published: 8 April 2020
Nicola Viegi
Piketty’s Capital and Private Wealth in South Africa
In his bestselling Capital in the 21st Century, Thomas Piketty drew...
Published: 15 March 2016
Anna Orthofer
Policy Brief
A Historical CGE Simulation of the South African Economy from 2006–2013: Analysing Chan...
This paper uses a dynamic CGE model to help explain some apparent c...
Published: 4 February 2014
Marthinus C. Breitenbach, Heinrich R. Bohlmann
Working Paper
Institutional dynamics and capital accumulation: Evidence from Namibia and Tanzania
The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of institutions ...
Published: 7 December 2012
Bernhard P. Zaaruka
Working Paper
From chimera to prospect: South African sources of and constraints on long-term growth,...
Policy Paper 01 The paper takes stock of South Africa’s past growth...
Published: 3 October 2012
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Human and social capital in Soweto in 1999 - preliminary report on field study: Backgro...
Policy Paper (Interest) 04 This paper summarises data that were gat...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper
The contribution of growth in total factor productivity to growth in South Africa: 1970-97
Policy Paper (Interest) 16 This paper is concerned with revealing t...
Published: 27 September 2001
Johannes W. Fedderke
Policy Paper
Forms of social capital in present-day Soweto: A factor analysis of household survey data
Policy Paper (Interest) 18 This paper analyses data on social capit...
Published: 27 September 2001
Barbara Piazza-Georgi
Policy Paper

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