Keyword: Banking Regulation

Banks’ Physical Footprint and Financial Technology Adoption
Working Paper 888 Do physical bank branches moderate the diffusion ...
Published: 26 September 2023
Bernardo Ricca, Lucas A. Mariani, José Renato H. Ornelas
Working Paper
Workshop on Financial Technology and Development
Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing count...
Published: 15 June 2023
Giorgia Barboni, Giorgia Barboni, Allan Davids, Co-Pierre Georg, Willem H. Boshoff, Lukasz Grzybowski, Lucas A. Mariani
Call for Application: 2023 Advanced Empirical Methods in Finance and Economics Course
This is not an Econometrics Course – it is an advanced course...
Submit paper: 9 July 2023
Published: 14 June 2023
Call for Application
2023 Advanced Empirical Methods in Finance and Economics Course
This is not an Econometrics Course – it is an advanced course...
Submit paper: 9 July 2023
Published: 9 June 2023
Lucas A. Mariani
Call for Papers: Workshop on Financial Technology and Development
Financial technology has developed rapidly in many developing count...
Submit paper: 14 July 2023
Published: 4 May 2023
Call for Papers
Fitch affirms SA's sub-investment grade, stable outlook
Published: 5 December 2022
Bradley Kent
Prof Nicola Viegi deciphers the Nobel Prize winning research
In this podcast, ERSA’s host sits down with Prof. Nicola Viegi, the...
Published: 15 November 2022
Margaux Giannaros, Nicola Viegi
Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behavior: Evidence from Colombia
Abstract: We exploit an unexpected increase in the Colombian insura...
Published: 17 February 2022
Nicola Limodio
Prof Nicola Viegi on evaluating the near future of monetary policy in SA: Sailing into ...
Only three times in the last century has monetary policy been re-ev...
Published: 1 July 2021
Nicola Viegi
Part 1: Monetary policy and Covid-19 in South Africa
The discussion is based on Sailing into the Wind: evaluating the (n...
Published: 1 July 2021
Matthew Simmonds, Nicola Viegi, Mamokete Lijane, Konstantin Makrelov, Gina Schoeman
Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
Policy Paper 26 South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest ...
Published: 28 June 2021
Matthew Stern, Yash Ramkolowan
Policy Paper
Fiscal risks and their impact on banks’ capital buffers in South Africa
South Africa’s fiscal balances have deteriorated significantly over...
Published: 11 June 2021
Bojosi Morule, Neryvia Pillay Bell, Konstantin Makrelov
Working Paper
Isaah Mhlanga on SA Budget 2021: Good news from SA’s 2020 Monetary and Fiscal Policy De...
Joining ERSA’s host in this podcast is Isaah Mhlanga, a Chief Econo...
Published: 19 February 2021
Isaah Mhlanga
Health inequality and the 1918 Influenza in South Africa
The 1918 influenza – the Spanish flu – killed an estimated 6% of Sou...
Published: 8 February 2021
Jonathan Jayes, Johan Fourie
Working Paper
The transmission of monetary policy via the banks' balance sheet - does bank size matter?
We study the credit channel of monetary policy in South Africa betw...
Published: 29 January 2021
Tumisang Loate, Nicola Viegi
Working Paper
Dr Chris Loewald on Lockdown Learnings: monetary policy leeway during a pandemic
Shortly after the October MPR, ERSA’s host sat down with Dr Chris L...
Published: 16 October 2020
Chris Loewald
Part 2: Financing the budget in the post-Corona world
Matthew delves into what financing the budget deficit in the post-C...
Published: 26 August 2020
Brian Kantor, Matthew Simmonds, Xavier Debrun, Tshepiso Moahloli, Owen Willcox, Mamokete Lijane, Lucio Castro, Ian Stuart
Part 1: Understanding the concept of "fiscal sustainability" in the post-Corona world
Debt sustainability is equivalent to government solvency and from a...
Published: 7 August 2020
Tshepiso Moahloli, Owen Willcox, Ian Stuart, Mamokete Lijane, Brian Kantor, Xavier Debrun, Lucio Castro
Late colonial antecedents of modern democracy
Some of the most contested questions in political science and polit...
Published: 3 July 2020
Martin Rode, Christian Bjørnskov
Working Paper
Contagion without deposit insurance: The South African small bank crisis of 2002/3
Following the failure of Saambou bank in February 2002, another sev...
Published: 30 June 2020
Roy Havemann
Working Paper
Dr David Fowkes on QE and central bank balance sheet policies: Does South Africa have ‘...
Shortly after the Governor of the SARB gave his speech about the fu...
Published: 26 June 2020
David Fowkes
Chris Loewald on the Monetary Policy response to the Coronavirus pandemic in South Afri...
Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic and an economic downgrade, we speak...
Published: 8 April 2020
Christopher Loewald
Does the Pursuit of Outreach Consistently Stifle the Financial Performance of Microfina...
We study the relationship between outreach and the financial perfor...
Published: 19 March 2020
Sydney Chikalipah
Working Paper
The effectiveness of counter-cyclical loan-to-value regulations: generic versus sector-...
This paper considers the implications of the counter-cyclical loan-...
Published: 16 August 2019
Thabang Molisey, Guangling Dave Liu
Working Paper
Access to micro and informal loans: evaluating the impact on the quality of life of poo...
Since the early 1980s, many governments have investigated the possi...
Published: 30 April 2019
Talita Dalton-Greyling
Policy Brief
Access to micro – and informal loans: evaluating the impact on the quality of life of p...
Background: Since the early 1980s, many governments have investigat...
Published: 12 March 2019
Talita Dalton-Greyling, Stephanié Rossouw
Working Paper
Is Basel III counter-cyclical: The case of South Africa?
This paper develops a dynamic general equilibrium model with bankin...
Published: 7 August 2018
Thabang Molisey, Guangling Dave Liu
Working Paper
An Analysis of Competition, Efficiency and Soundness in the South African Banking Sector
The main aim of this study was to investigate the relationship betw...
Published: 21 May 2018
Busani Moyo
Working Paper
Credit frictions and co-movement of durable and non-durable goods in a small open economy
In this paper I investigate, numerically, the co-movement puzzle by...
Published: 8 February 2018
Hilary Patroba
Working Paper
Analysis of tax harmonisation in the SADC
This paper analyses tax harmonisation in the SADC region. Results o...
Published: 9 June 2017
Jannie Rossouw, Tendai Gwatidzo, Michael Ade
Working Paper
Decomposition of the Technical Efficiency: Pure Technical and Scale Efficiency of the F...
The study investigated the technical efficiency of the commercial b...
Published: 9 June 2017
Sanderson Abel, Alex Bara
Policy Brief
An evaluation of the cost and revenue efficiency of the Zimbabwean banking sector
Banking sector efficiency measures the proximity of a decision maki...
Published: 2 May 2017
Sanderson Abel, Pierre Le Roux
Policy Brief
The Interdependence between the Saving Rate and Technology across Regimes: Evidence fro...
This paper hypothesises that the saving rate and technological prog...
Published: 24 March 2017
Kevin S. Nell, Maria M. De Mello
Policy Brief
Can bank capital adequacy changes amplify the business cycle in South Africa?
The phenomenon of bank regulation procyclicality requires very care...
Published: 21 February 2017
Sylvanus Ikhide, Foluso Akinsola
Policy Brief
Effects of South African Monetary Policy Implementation on the CMA: A Panel Vector Auto...
The paper investigates the effects of South African monetary policy...
Published: 17 October 2016
Monaheng Seleteng
Working Paper
An application of Panzar-Rosse Approach in assessing banking sector competition in Zimb...
An assessment of bank competition is important for a number of reas...
Published: 6 September 2016
Pierre Le Roux, Sanderson Abel
Policy Brief

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