Keyword: Property rights

Homelessness, Property Rights, and Institutional Logics
We explore whether there is evidence of property rights amongst the...
11 June 2018
Working Paper
Measuring institutions during and after colonisation in Senegal (1819-2010)
Most of the widely used indicators of institutions have been critic...
2 August 2017
Working Paper
Why local context matters: de jure and de facto property rights in colonial South Africa
For economic transactions, including debt transactions, to occur in...
12 July 2016
Working Paper
A categorisation and evaluation of rhino management policies
Rhino populations are at a critical level and new approaches are ne...
3 March 2015
Working Paper
Does Education Promote Stable Property Rights?
This paper sets out to establish an empirical link between educatio...
21 October 2013
Working Paper
Property rights, institutions and source of fuel wood in rural Ethiopia
This study examines the relationship between property rights, defin...
25 September 2012
Working Paper