Keyword: Output gap

Productivity estimates for South Africa from CES production functions
This paper provides estimates of the elasticity of substitution and...
Published: 19 July 2019
Working Paper
Estimating South Africa's output gap and potential growth rate
The potential output of an economy is an unobservable variable whic...
Published: 17 May 2016
Policy Brief
Estimating South Africa’s output gap and potential growth rate
This paper estimates the potential output of the South African econ...
Published: 4 March 2016
Policy Paper
Can currency in circulation predict South African economic activity?
The forecasting of economic activity is of interest to governments,...
Published: 17 February 2016
Policy Brief
The reliability of South African real-time output gap estimates
Estimates of the output gap are an important component of policy-ma...
Published: 23 April 2014
Working Paper