Relating public and private remuneration

The study explores remuneration patterns in South Africa between 2000 and 2017, with a focus on the relationship between public- and private-sector earnings. Although remuneration is likely to increase over time in both sectors, this does not necessarily mean these increases are related to each other. The authors conducted an empirical investigation into remuneration patterns […]

Estimating South Africa’s Output Gap Potential Growth Rate

This paper estimates the potential output of the South African economy using several univariate filters as well as taking a production function approach. Our aim is to compare the sensitivity of the results to the different methodologies and different measurements of output. We find that the potential output is sensitive to the different methodologies and different measures of output. […]

Father’s Employment and Sons’ Stature: The Long Run Effects of a Positive Regional Employment Shock in South Africa’s Mining Industry

It is now well known that early life environmental conditions affect a person’s well-being over their lifetime. Adult height outcomes provide a valuable window into a person’s in utero and early childhood nutritional intake such that within the same genetic group taller individuals have been exposed to higher quality nutritional intake. Height is important in […]

Mechanism between mining sector and economic growth in Zimbabwe, is it a resource curse?

The study investigates the role of mineral resources in economic development and sees how the extractive sector impacts the overall performance of the economy of a country endowed with a diverse minerals and metals. We analyzed the economic growth model using human capital, population growth, property rights, and political rights, share of mineral exports to […]

The Impact of the 2014 Platinum Mining Strike in South Africa: An Economy-Wide Analysis

In this paper we measure the economy-wide impact of the 2014 labour strike in South Africa’s platinum industry. The strike lasted five months, ending in June 2014 when producers reached an agreement with the main labour unions. The immediate impacts on local mining towns were particularly severe, but our research shows that the strike could […]

The Role of Mining in the South African Economy

Policy Paper (Interest) 09 This paper examines the contribution of three aggregate mining sectors of the South African economy to output and employment over the 1970-97period. The finding of a declining importance of mining in output and employment creation must be sectorally differentiated. Gold & Uranium Mining is the chief source of these declines, while […]