Keyword: Inflation targeting

Assessing inflation targeting and its communication
It is less onerous to achieve policy objectives when they are clear...
18 November 2019
Policy Brief
The monetary policy of the South African Reserve Bank: stance, communication and credibility
This paper analyses the evolution of the monetary policy stance, co...
18 July 2019
Working Paper
Estimating a Phillips Curve for South Africa: A Bounded Random Walk Approach
In this paper we estimate a Phillips curve for South Africa using a...
14 December 2015
Working Paper
Variance Bounds as Thresholds for ‘Excessive’ Currency Volatility: Inflation Targeting Emerging Economies
At what level does a currency’s volatility become ‘excessive’, in a...
13 January 2015
Working Paper
Monetary Policy and Heterogeneous Inflation Expectations in South Africa
This paper examines the relationship between in‡ation and in‡ation ...
20 February 2014
Working Paper
Nominal GDP Targeting and the Monetary Policy Framework
A nominal income target may provide credibility to a commitment to ...
19 November 2013
Working Paper