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Dr Daan Steenkamp on forecasting GDP: why trucks matter in SA
In our second podcast with Dr Daan Steenkamp, a lead economist at t...
Published: 19 March 2021
Isaah Mhlanga on SA’s Budget Speech: adopting a business-friendly approach
After the challenges raised by Covid-19 and the increasing risks co...
Published: 5 March 2021
Dr Daan Steenkamp on nowcasting: how economists benefit from machine learning and big data
With the unprecedented level of uncertainty in the economy, the abi...
Published: 30 October 2020
Prof Johannes W. Fedderke on the South African – US sovereign bond spread: how is this ...
In this podcast, Prof. Johannes W. Fedderke, the Director of ERSA s...
Published: 29 May 2020
Diagnosing Deep Roots of Development: Genetic, Disease and Environmental Factors
We examine the association between indicators of real GDP per capit...
Published: 2 October 2014
Working Paper
Official revisions to SA national accounts data: Magnitudes and implications
This paper investigates the bias and dispersion in official revisio...
Published: 3 October 2012
Policy Paper
An alternative business cycle dating procedure for South Africa
This paper applies a Markov switching model to the South African ec...
Published: 25 September 2012
Working Paper
Border Tax Adjustments to Negate the Economic Impact of an Electricity Generation Tax
In the 2008 Budget Review, the South African government announced i...
Published: 22 September 2012
Working Paper