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Prof Nicola Viegi on evaluating the near future of monetary policy in SA: Sailing into the Wind
Only three times in the last century has monetary policy been re-ev...
1 July 2021
Part 1: Monetary policy and Covid-19 in South Africa
The discussion is based on Sailing into the Wind: evaluating the (n...
1 July 2021
Nonlinearities in Financial Development–Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from sub–Saharan Africa (SSA)
The impact of financial development on economic growth has received...
17 January 2018
Policy Brief
Estimating a Philipps Curve for South Africa: A Bounded Random Walk Approach
Introduction The Phillips curve depicts the relationship between cu...
24 May 2016
Policy Brief
Art in Africa: Market Structure and Pricing Behavior in the South African Fine Art Auction Market, 2009 - 2013
In contrast to the international market in major centers such as Ne...
2 October 2014
Working Paper