Keyword: Financial Regulation

Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest of the world ove...
28 June 2021
Policy Paper
Fiscal risks and their impact on banks’ capital buffers in South Africa
South Africa’s fiscal balances have deteriorated significantly over...
11 June 2021
Working Paper
Late colonial antecedents of modern democracy
Some of the most contested questions in political science and polit...
3 July 2020
Working Paper
Contagion without deposit insurance: The South African small bank crisis of 2002/3
Following the failure of Saambou bank in February 2002, another sev...
30 June 2020
Working Paper
The Influence of Financial Market Development on Economic Growth in BRICS Countries
The debate about the influence of financial market development on e...
27 July 2016
Policy Brief
Do Capital Requirements Affect Cost of Intermediation? Evidence from a Panel of South African Banks
Since the 2007 sub-prime financial crisis, world bank capital ratio...
28 August 2015
Working Paper