Keyword: Efficiency

Dr Neryvia Pillay Bell on the Fiscal response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa: spending 10% of GDP
In this podcast Dr Neryvia Pillay Bell, a Policy Associate at ERSA ...
30 April 2020
Redistribution, Inequality, and Efficiency with Credit Constraints
We develop a model that characterizes the joint determination of in...
14 April 2020
Working Paper
Nicola Viegi on the South African economic response to the Coronavirus: policies and protection
Nicola Viegi, Deputy Director of ERSA, talks with Margaux G on the ...
8 April 2020
Efficiency of South African water utilities: a double bootstrap DEA analysis
Although the efficiency of the water sector has been studied extens...
17 September 2019
Working Paper
An Analysis of Competition, Efficiency and Soundness in the South African Banking Sector
The main aim of this study was to investigate the relationship betw...
21 May 2018
Working Paper
Third Annual Financial Economics Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Atif Mian (Princeton University) Following the fir...
3 September 2015