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Lecture Series in Economic Theory: "Asymmetric Information in Markets and Organizations"
In part 1 of this lecture, we are going to introduce the basic set-...
Event: 14 March 2016
Published: 18 January 2016
The Third Economic Theory Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Professor Felix Kübler (University of Zurich, Swit...
Submit paper: 7 August 2015
Event: 10 November 2015
Published: 23 July 2015
Call for Papers
ERSA Lecture Series in Economic Theory: “Knightian Uncertainty in Economics and Finance”
Lecturer: Professor Frank Riedel (University of Bielefeld, Germany)...
Event: 18 February 2015
Published: 25 November 2014
The Second Economic Theory Workshop “Economies with Asymmetric Information”
Keynote Speakers: Professor Wanda Mimra (ETH Zuerich, Switzerland) ...
Submit paper: 1 August 2014
Event: 10 November 2014
Published: 7 July 2014
First Economic Theory Workshop
Keynote Speaker: Professor Frank Riedel (University of Bielefeld, G...
Submit paper: 14 February 2014
Event: 26 March 2014
Published: 16 January 2014