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Call for Application: 2023 Advanced Empirical Methods in Finance and Economics Course
This is not an Econometrics Course – it is an advanced course...
Submit paper: 9 July 2023
Published: 14 June 2023
Call for Application
2023 Advanced Empirical Methods in Finance and Economics Course
This is not an Econometrics Course – it is an advanced course...
Submit paper: 9 July 2023
Published: 9 June 2023
Prof Nicola Viegi deciphers the Nobel Prize winning research
In this podcast, ERSA’s host sits down with Prof. Nicola Viegi, the...
Published: 15 November 2022
Prof. Estian Calitz on Fiscal Sustainability in South Africa: what are the shortcomings...
Shortly after the Minister of Finance gave his Supplementary Budget...
Published: 10 July 2020
Dr Neryvia Pillay Bell on the Fiscal response to the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa:...
In this podcast Dr Neryvia Pillay Bell, a Policy Associate at ERSA ...
Published: 30 April 2020
“BigTech’s Foray Into Finance - Opportunities and Challenges Ahead”
The financial system faces unprecedented change at a rapid speed. N...
Published: 7 January 2020
A financial stress index for South Africa: A time-varying correlation approach
This paper develops a new index of financial market stress for Sout...
Published: 14 November 2019
Working Paper
Measuring the Financial Cycle in South Africa
We measure the financial cycle in South Africa using three differen...
Published: 2 March 2018
Policy Brief
Shaping macroeconomic outcomes
Policy Paper 23 By early 2016, financial market participants had be...
Published: 18 July 2017
Policy Paper
Capital controls and foreign currency denomination
This paper studies the effectiveness of capital controls with forei...
Published: 24 February 2017
Working Paper
Conference on “Financial Intermediation in Emerging Markets”
A well-functioning financial system is key for emerging markets to ...
Published: 21 July 2016
Taxes rates, economic crisis and tax evasion: Evidence using Zimbabwe and South Africa ...
Prompted by the theoretical ambiguity in the relationships between ...
Published: 8 April 2016
Working Paper
A New International Database on Financial Fragility
We present a new database on financial fragility for 124 countries ...
Published: 4 August 2015
Working Paper
The Cape of Perfect Storms: Colonial Africa’s first financial crash, 1788-1793
This paper investigates the causes and consequences of colonial Afr...
Published: 2 April 2015
Working Paper
Credit spread variability in U.S. business cycles: The Great Moderation versus the Grea...
This paper establishes the prevailing financial factors that influe...
Published: 20 August 2014
Working Paper
A Note on the (continued) Ability of the Yield Curve to Forecast Economic Downturns in ...
In 2002/03 the yield spread falsely signalled a downswing that neve...
Published: 8 August 2014
Working Paper
Disaggregated Credit Extension and Financial Distress in South Africa
This study analyses the relationship between disaggregated credit e...
Published: 4 June 2014
Working Paper
Savings and economic growth: A historical analysis of the relationship between savings ...
The sub-optimal savings propensity in South Africa the past three d...
Published: 21 January 2014
Working Paper
Debt sustainability and financial crises in South Africa
This study assesses debt sustainability in South Africa allowing fo...
Published: 9 January 2014
Working Paper
The Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Efficiency and Productivity of the Banking...
South Africa‘s financial sector is believed to have weathered the c...
Published: 21 January 2013
Working Paper
An examination of the impact of financial deepening on long-run economic growth: An app...
This paper examines the impact of financial deepening on long run e...
Published: 27 September 2001
Working Paper

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