Keyword: BRICS

Decomposing the South African CO₂ Emissions within a BRICS Countries Context: The Energy Rebound Hypothesis
The main purpose of this study is to test the hypothesis of the reb...
26 June 2017
Policy Brief
The Influence of Financial Market Development on Economic Growth in BRICS Countries
The debate about the influence of financial market development on e...
27 July 2016
Policy Brief
Emerging Multinational Corporations: a prominent player in the global economy
As emerging market multinational corporations (EMNCs) tend to remar...
24 March 2016
Policy Brief
Transmission of China's Shocks to the BRIS Countries
This study examines the impact of China’s dominant position among t...
1 August 2013
Working Paper
Business Cycle Co-movements between South Africa and the BRIC Countries
This paper investigates the co-movement of business cycles between ...
15 January 2013
Working Paper