Keyword: bank regulation

Assessing inflation targeting and its communication
It is less onerous to achieve policy objectives when they are clear...
18 November 2019
Policy Brief
An institutional comparison of private shareholding in the central banks of South Africa and Turkey
This paper considers institutional aspects of private shareholding ...
8 January 2018
Policy Brief
The effectiveness of countercyclical capital requirements and contingent convertible capital: a dual approa...
This paper studies the effectiveness of countercyclical capital req...
23 September 2015
Working Paper
Loud and Clear: Can we hear when the SARB speaks?
Communication has become critically important for modern monetary p...
1 September 2015
Policy Brief
Financial sustainability of Tanzanian saving and credit cooperatives
This paper examined the profitability and financial sustainability ...
3 July 2015
Working Paper
Technical and scale efficiency of Tanzanian saving and credit cooperatives
In measuring technical and scale efficiency of Tanzanian Saving and...
18 March 2015
Working Paper