Keyword: bank capital

Can bank capital adequacy changes amplify the business cycle in South Africa?
The phenomenon of bank regulation procyclicality requires very care...
21 February 2017
Policy Brief
The effectiveness of countercyclical capital requirements and contingent convertible capital: a dual approa...
This paper studies the effectiveness of countercyclical capital req...
23 September 2015
Working Paper
Do Capital Requirements Affect Cost of Intermediation? Evidence from a Panel of South African Banks
Since the 2007 sub-prime financial crisis, world bank capital ratio...
28 August 2015
Working Paper
The Equity Price Channel in a New-Keynesian DSGE Model with Financial Frictions and Banking
This paper studies the role of the equity price channel in business...
23 July 2013
Working Paper
Business Cycle and Bank Capital Regulation: Basel II Procyclicality
This paper studies the impacts of bank capital regulation on busine...
23 September 2012
Working Paper