JEL code: R23

Impact of Social Transfers on Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from the South African Old Age Pension
We study the effect of  income receipt in form of Old age pension (...
20 October 2020
Working Paper
Does Child Support Grant incentivise childbirth in South Africa?
We consider the perverse incentive that can be created for poor hou...
30 September 2020
Working Paper
Emigration and education: the schooling of the left behind in Nigeria
The potential effects of migration on the welfare of the left behin...
7 August 2018
Policy Brief
Labour market impact of internal in-migration: A district level analysis of South Africa
Despite the lack of clarity in literature with regards to the quest...
21 February 2017
Working Paper
Impact of internal in- migration on income inequality in receiving areas: A district level study of South A...
The impact of internal migration on regional income inequality of t...
31 October 2016
Policy Brief
College Major Choice, Spatial Inequality and Elite Formation: Evidence from South Africa
This paper explores the determinants of college major choice in the...
29 September 2015
Policy Brief