JEL code: Q15

Monetary policy and inequality
South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world and ...
30 July 2020
Policy Brief
The political economy of palm oil expansion and deforestation in Indonesia
This paper studies the interactions between political and economic ...
20 July 2020
Working Paper
Can social grants promote small-scale farming to improve food security?
Public expenditure on South Africa’s cash transfer (or social grant...
28 March 2017
Policy Brief
Small-scale farming and food security: the enabling role of cash transfers in South Africa’s former homelands
Cash transfers successfully alleviate poverty in many developing co...
10 November 2016
Working Paper
Agriculture and adaptation to climate change: The role of wildlife ranching in South Africa
In this paper, we explored the role of wildlife in adaptation to cl...
17 February 2016
Working Paper
An Economic Analysis of Climate Change and Wildlife Utilization on Private Land: Evidence from Wildlife Ran...
Wildlife ranching is emerging as a new frontier for wildlife conser...
8 October 2015
Working Paper