JEL code: L15

Policy Bulletin 03: Macroeconomic policy options for a savings constrained economy: the case of South Africa
Economic growth requires delivering a credible fiscal consolidation...
1 July 2020
Policy Bulletin
Endogenous market transparency and product differentiation
This paper endogenizes both market transparency and product differe...
21 September 2012
Working Paper
Loss leader or low margin leader? Advertising and the degree of product differentiation
This paper attempts to isolate the conditions that give rise to los...
20 September 2012
Working Paper
Equilibrium Pricing When Only Some Goods Are Advertised
We study how price advertising of a subset of products aspects equi...
19 September 2012
Working Paper
Informative Advertising: Competition or Cooperation?
I compare the outcome when firms semicollude on advertising to the ...
19 September 2012
Working Paper