JEL code: J62

Intergenerational mobility during industrial take-off
Using a novel dataset of genealogical records, we make the first at...
9 November 2016
Policy Brief
Social mobility during South Africa’s industrial take-off
In the absence of historical income or education data, the change i...
22 June 2016
Working Paper
Estimating Income Mobility When Income is Measured with Error: The Case of South Africa
There are long-standing concerns that household income mobility is ...
19 May 2016
Working Paper
Intergenerational earnings mobility and equality of opportunity in South Africa
The paper estimates the degree of intergenerational earnings persis...
7 August 2014
Working Paper
Social Networks and Ethnic Niches: An Econometric Analysis of the Manufacturing Sector in South Africa
This paper analyses the link between social networks and ethnic occ...
20 September 2012
Working Paper
Begging the Question: Permanent Income and Social Mobility
The extent of social mobility is one of three key considerations &#...
20 September 2012
Working Paper