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Topics in the Economics of Education
Event: 21 November 2021
Published: 11 August 2021
Graduate Training
Online Course: Topics in the Economics of Education
This course will cover selected topics in the economics of educatio...
Event: 1 December 2020
Published: 1 December 2020
Online Course
Consumer Preferences for Genetically Modified Organisms in Cape Town: A Choice Experime...
This paper reports a study done on Cape Town consumers, with the ai...
Published: 31 July 2020
Working Paper
Gender and Birth Order Effects on Intra-Household Schooling Choices and Educational Att...
Many schooling decisions take place within the family. For instance...
Published: 21 May 2018
Policy Brief
Teacher human capital, teacher effort and student achievements in Kenya
Although research generally shows that teachers matter for student ...
Published: 3 January 2018
Policy Brief
Gender and birth order effects on intra-household schooling choices and education attai...
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two important family ch...
Published: 1 September 2017
Working Paper
Private schools and student learning achievements in Kenya
This papers examines the effect of private schools on literacy and ...
Published: 15 June 2017
Policy Brief
Birth order effects on education attainment and child labour: Evidence from Lesotho
Education (both school enrolment and achievement) is low in much of...
Published: 22 November 2016
Policy Brief