JEL code: I20

Prof Andreas Wörgötter on addressing current and persisting challenges in South Africa’s labour market
At a time when tensions are rising due to growing inequality and un...
23 July 2021
Part 2: Recovery policies and labour utilization
The discussion is based on two research papers: Recovering from COV...
16 July 2021
Teacher human capital, teacher effort and student achievements in Kenya
Although research generally shows that teachers matter for student ...
3 January 2018
Policy Brief
Education and Fertility: Panel Time-Series Evidence from Southern Africa
In this paper I investigate whether secondary school enrollment has...
22 May 2014
Working Paper
How Does Colonial Origin Matter for Economic Performance in sub-Saharan Africa?
This paper investigates the channels through which colonial origin ...
22 September 2012
Working Paper
A theory of colonial goverance
This paper considers conditions of optimality in a co-optive strate...
22 September 2012
Working Paper