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Estimating a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve
This paper estimates a New Keynesian Wage Phillips Curve for South ...
Published: 20 January 2021
Working Paper
Social distancing in macroeconomic models
The paper introduces voluntary social distancing to the canonical e...
Published: 8 January 2021
Working Paper
Efficiency of provincial public healthcare in South Africa
Background Forty-nine million people or 83 per cent of the entire p...
Published: 7 February 2020
Working Paper
Parental bargaining and rural-urban child health differential in Tanzania
This paper extends the empirical analysis of child health by simult...
Published: 6 October 2017
Policy Brief
Lifestyle and Income-related Inequality in Health in South Africa
Evidence suggests that lifestyle factors may explain the income-rel...
Published: 12 April 2017
Working Paper
Demand-side determinants of access to healthcare services: Empirical evidence from Africa
Better health status is influenced by access to health care, among ...
Published: 28 February 2017
Policy Brief
Has South Africa’s Investment in Public Health Care Improved Health Outcomes?
South Africa’s total expenditure on health equates to almost 9% of ...
Published: 9 February 2017
Policy Brief
The Demand for Reproductive Health Care
This research formalizes the interactions between the various deter...
Published: 4 August 2015
Working Paper