JEL code: H21

The impact of AGOA on export flows from sub-Saharan Africa: A dynamic system GMM analysis
This study seeks to understand the relationship between the United ...
6 October 2020
Working Paper
Analysis of tax harmonisation in SADC
In this paper the authors provide an analysis of the extent of tax ...
4 September 2017
Policy Brief
The Elasticity of Taxable Income: The case of South Africa
A central tax policy parameter that has received much attention int...
23 August 2017
Working Paper
Analysis of tax harmonisation in the SADC
This paper analyses tax harmonisation in the SADC region. Results o...
9 June 2017
Working Paper
Effects of Increases in Value Added Tax: A Dynamic CGE Approach
This paper analyses the effects of increases in value added tax (VA...
4 November 2015
Working Paper
Measuring the Impact of Marginal Tax Rate Reform on the Revenue Base of South Africa Using a Microsimulatio...
This paper is primarily concerned with the revenue and tax efficien...
6 December 2013
Working Paper