JEL code: G32

Indebted Demand by Amir Sufi
The topic for the third virtual meeting is ‘Indebted Demand&#...
28 October 2020
An institutional comparison of private shareholding in the central banks of South Africa and Turkey
This paper considers institutional aspects of private shareholding ...
8 January 2018
Policy Brief
Timing a Hedge Decision: The Development of a Composite Technical Indicator for White Maize
South African white maize is considered to be significantly more vo...
26 February 2014
Working Paper
Optimal liquidity provision through a demand deposit scheme: The Jacklin critique revisited
We derive conditions such that optimal liquidity provisions through...
23 September 2012
Working Paper
A Theoretically Defensible Measure of Risk: Using Financial Market Data from a Middle Income Context
While economic theory assumes that risk is of central importance in...
20 September 2012
Working Paper
The Spatial Distribution of Manufacturing in South Africa 1970-1996, its Determinants and Policy Implications
This paper researches the change in regional specialisation and ind...
19 September 2012
Working Paper