JEL code: G21

Banks; Depository Institutions; Micro Finance Institutions; Mortgages

International Lending Channel, Bank Heterogeneity and Capital Inflows (Mis)Allocation
This paper explores the role of banks’ heterogeneity in internation...
Published: 16 August 2023
Working Paper
Deposit Insurance and Depositor Behavior: Evidence from Colombia
Abstract: We exploit an unexpected increase in the Colombian insura...
Published: 17 February 2022
The effect of cigarette price changes on smoking prevalence by gender: The case of Sout...
South Africa successfully reduced smoking prevalence by substantial...
Published: 19 April 2021
Working Paper
Estimates of bank-level funding costs in South Africa
We develop a new dataset of bank-level balance sheets data to estim...
Published: 30 March 2021
Working Paper
Health inequality and the 1918 Influenza in South Africa
The 1918 influenza – the Spanish flu – killed an estimated 6% of Sout...
Published: 8 February 2021
Working Paper
The transmission of monetary policy via the banks’ balance sheet - does bank size matter?
We study the credit channel of monetary policy in South Africa betw...
Published: 29 January 2021
Working Paper
Late colonial antecedents of modern democracy
Some of the most contested questions in political science and polit...
Published: 3 July 2020
Working Paper
Contagion without deposit insurance: The South African small bank crisis of 2002/3
Following the failure of Saambou bank in February 2002, another sev...
Published: 30 June 2020
Working Paper
Does the Pursuit of Outreach Consistently Stifle the Financial Performance of Microfina...
We study the relationship between outreach and the financial perfor...
Published: 19 March 2020
Working Paper
Order flow and rand/dollar exchange rate dynamic
This study investigates the impact of order flow on the rand/dollar...
Published: 9 April 2019
Policy Brief
Order flow and rand/dollar exchange rate dynamics
This paper uses the microstructure approach for the South African f...
Published: 7 December 2018
Working Paper
Evolution and measurement of formal institutions in Cote D’Ivoire
This study analyzes the evolution of institutions in Côte d’Ivoire ...
Published: 23 May 2018
Working Paper
Measuring the Financial Cycle in South Africa
We measure the financial cycle in South Africa using three differen...
Published: 2 March 2018
Policy Brief
Information Contagion and Systemic Risk
We examine the effect of ex-post information contagion on the ex-an...
Published: 12 June 2017
Working Paper
Decomposition of the Technical Efficiency: Pure Technical and Scale Efficiency of the F...
The study investigated the technical efficiency of the commercial b...
Published: 9 June 2017
Policy Brief
An evaluation of the cost and revenue efficiency of the Zimbabwean banking sector
Banking sector efficiency measures the proximity of a decision maki...
Published: 2 May 2017
Policy Brief
Can bank capital adequacy changes amplify the business cycle in South Africa?
The phenomenon of bank regulation procyclicality requires very care...
Published: 21 February 2017
Policy Brief
An application of Panzar-Rosse Approach in assessing banking sector competition in Zimb...
An assessment of bank competition is important for a number of reas...
Published: 6 September 2016
Policy Brief
An evaluation of the cost and revenue efficiency of the banking sector in Zimbabwe
The study was meant to evaluate the cost and revenue efficiency of ...
Published: 24 August 2016
Working Paper
Financial Innovation and Economic Growth in the SADC
The study empirically establishes the causal relationship between f...
Published: 18 August 2016
Working Paper
Why local context matters: de jure and de facto property rights in colonial South Africa
For economic transactions, including debt transactions, to occur in...
Published: 12 July 2016
Working Paper
Financial Reforms and the Finance – Growth Relationship in the Southern African Develop...
This study seeks to establish the casual relationship between finan...
Published: 17 June 2016
Working Paper
Financial development and income inequality in Africa: A panel heterogeneous approach
Although the financial sector of Africa has witnessed massive refor...
Published: 15 June 2016
Working Paper
Assessing banking sector competition in Zimbabwe using a Panzar-Rosse Approach
This paper assesses the level of competition in Zimbabwe’s banking ...
Published: 20 April 2016
Working Paper
What drives cross-border bank expansion? Answers from Kenya
This paper investigates the drivers of bank foreign expansion in Ea...
Published: 19 February 2016
Working Paper
Do Capital Requirements Affect Cost of Intermediation? Evidence from a Panel of South A...
Since the 2007 sub-prime financial crisis, world bank capital ratio...
Published: 28 August 2015
Working Paper
Financial sector development and threshold effect of inflation in ECOWAS and SADC: A Pa...
The financial sector of an economy is now widely agreed to constitu...
Published: 27 August 2015
Working Paper
A New International Database on Financial Fragility
We present a new database on financial fragility for 124 countries ...
Published: 4 August 2015
Working Paper
Financial sustainability of Tanzanian saving and credit cooperatives
This paper examined the profitability and financial sustainability ...
Published: 3 July 2015
Working Paper
Financial sector development, inflation and openness: A comparative panel study of ECOW...
This paper provides an empirical analysis of the comparative study ...
Published: 30 June 2015
Working Paper
Technical and scale efficiency of Tanzanian saving and credit cooperatives
In measuring technical and scale efficiency of Tanzanian Saving and...
Published: 18 March 2015
Working Paper
A Network View on Interbank Market Freezes
We study the liquidity allocation among European banks around the L...
Published: 9 January 2015
Working Paper
Financial Development and the Diffusion of Technologies under Uncertainty in Africa
Using novel measures of technology diffusion and adoption developed...
Published: 21 October 2014
Working Paper
A Network Analysis of the Evolution of the German Interbank Market
In this paper, we report a descriptive investigation of the structu...
Published: 10 September 2014
Working Paper
Contagious Synchronization and Endogenous Network Formation in Financial Networks
When banks choose similar investment strategies the financial syste...
Published: 8 August 2014
Working Paper
Contagious Synchronization and Endogenous Network Formation in Financial Networks
When banks choose similar investment strategies the financial syste...
Published: 8 August 2014
Working Paper

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