JEL code: F65

“BigTech’s Foray Into Finance - Opportunities and Challenges Ahead”
The financial system faces unprecedented change at a rapid speed. N...
7 January 2020
Capital Account Liberalization and Capital Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa: A Panel Threshold Approach
Capital inflows to Sub-Saharan Africa have been increasing over the...
11 October 2019
Policy Brief
Spatial Externality, Openness and Financial Development in SADC: Beyond the Multilateral Monetary Agreement
Economic variables tend to exhibit variation not only over time, bu...
6 June 2017
Policy Brief
Financial sector development, economic volatility and shocks in sub-Saharan Africa
The role of financial sector development in economic volatility has...
16 November 2016
Policy Brief
What drives cross-border bank expansion? Answers from Kenya
This paper investigates the drivers of bank foreign expansion in Ea...
19 February 2016
Working Paper