JEL code: F63

Prof. Estian Calitz on Fiscal Sustainability in South Africa: what are the shortcomings we face?
Shortly after the Minister of Finance gave his Supplementary Budget...
10 July 2020
Globalisation and Conflict: Evidence from sub Saharan Africa
This study contributes to the conflict literature by investigating ...
24 January 2017
Policy Brief
Financial Development and Economic Growth in SADC: Cross Country Spatial Spill-Over Effects
The study bridges a knowledge gap regarding the relationship betwee...
10 January 2017
Policy Brief
Race, gender and growth of the affluent middle class in post-apartheid South Africa
This paper examines the development of the middle class in post-apa...
28 November 2013
Working Paper
Day labourers, unemployment and socio-economic development in South Africa
One of the most visible forms of unemployment is the men who stand ...
3 October 2012
Policy Paper
Monetary and Financial Integration in Africa
ERSA is organising a two-day workshop to examine critically the cha...
27 September 2010