JEL code: F6

Trade Openness and Fertility Rates in Africa: Panel Data Evidence
We study the effect of trade openness on fertility rates in fifty A...
13 January 2020
Working Paper
Globalisation and Conflict: Evidence from sub Saharan Africa
This study contributes to the conflict literature by investigating ...
24 January 2017
Policy Brief
Financial Development and Economic Growth in SADC: Cross Country Spatial Spill-Over Effects
The study bridges a knowledge gap regarding the relationship betwee...
10 January 2017
Policy Brief
Latecomer challenge: African Multinationals from the periphery
Multinationals from emerging markets display different characterist...
7 January 2016
Working Paper
Buyer-Seller Relationships in International Trade: Do Your Neighbors Matter?
Using confidential U.S. customs data on trade transactions between ...
13 February 2015
Working Paper
“Global since Gold” The Globalisation of Conglomerates: Explaining the Experience from South Africa, 1990 -...
The internationalisation of enterprises is one of the essential way...
25 September 2012
Working Paper