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Economic Growth of Open Economies

Structural Constraints on the Economcy, Growth and Political Economy Webinar
Monday 14 February 2022, Pascual Restrepo (Boston University), R...
Published: 8 February 2022
Human capital and the timing of the first birth
This paper constructs and partially characterizes the solution of a...
Published: 8 July 2021
Working Paper
Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
Policy Paper 26 South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest ...
Published: 28 June 2021
Policy Paper
Can unconditional cash transfers improve adolescent and young adult education outcomes?
The South African child support grant leads to increased enrolment ...
Published: 23 July 2020
Policy Brief
Financial Statecraft: Government Choice of Debt Instruments
We explore the diversity of means by which governments borrow ̵...
Published: 24 June 2020
Working Paper
CANCELLED: 'Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy'
***Keynote Speaker*** Kenneth Scheve (Stanford) The second Economi...
Submit paper: 21 February 2020
Published: 26 November 2019
Annual Economic Research Southern Africa Workshop on ‘Structural Constraints on the Eco...
Keynote Speakers: Axel Dreher from Heidelberg University James Rob...
Published: 16 July 2019
Institutions and Other Determinants of Total Factor Productivity in Sub-Saharan Africa
The primacy of factors of production, such as labour and capital, o...
Published: 5 October 2017
Working Paper
Shaping macroeconomic outcomes
Policy Paper 23 By early 2016, financial market participants had be...
Published: 18 July 2017
Policy Paper
Output Decomposition in the Presence of Input Quality Effects: A Stochastic Frontier Ap...
How do physical capital accumulation and Total Factor Productivity ...
Published: 6 June 2016
Policy Brief
Recent Growth Performance in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA): What should Policy Makers in the...
The recent decades have witnessed a series of global turbulence wit...
Published: 29 March 2016
Policy Brief
Politics, Finance and Growth
The University of Pretoria, in conjunction with the South African R...
Published: 29 October 2015
Real convergence using TAR panel unit root tests: an application to Southern African De...
The recent European Union crisis has sparked renewed interest in th...
Published: 21 August 2015
Working Paper
The Impact of Political Competition on Economic Growth: Evidence from Municipalities in...
This paper examines the impact of political competition on economic...
Published: 17 June 2015
Policy Brief
Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth in the SADC
Attaining high levels of economic growth and development has been o...
Published: 6 May 2015
Policy Brief
Exchange Rate Policy and Export Performance in Efficiency-Driven Economies
Increased globalisation, coupled with rising domestic competition, ...
Published: 6 October 2014
Working Paper
Exploring Unbalanced Growth in South Africa: Understanding the Sectoral Structure of th...
This paper explores the reasons for the unbalanced growth structure...
Published: 3 October 2014
Working Paper
The Fundamental Determinants of Competitiveness in African Countries
This study investigates the drivers of competitiveness in African e...
Published: 26 September 2014
Working Paper
Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative: Why Some Countries Complete the Programme Faster...
The Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) initiative has been one o...
Published: 23 April 2013
Working Paper
Policy change and economic growth: A case study of South Africa
Policy Paper 14 South Africa’s growth experience provides an exampl...
Published: 3 October 2012
Policy Paper
The Exchange Rate, Dutch Disease and Manufacturing in South Africa: What do the Data Say?
The Dutch disease argument suggests that in commodity exporting cou...
Published: 26 September 2012
Working Paper
Currency Substitution and Financial Repression
In this paper, we use a general equilibrium overlapping generations...
Published: 20 September 2012
Working Paper
The politics of state, society and economy
Policy Paper (Interest) 06 The article takes issue with the way in ...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper
The role of human and social capital: Extending our understanding
Policy Paper (Interest) 11 Human capital, institutions and social c...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper
Technology, human capital, growth and institutional development: Lessons from endogenou...
Policy Paper (Interest) 13 This paper provides a discursive review ...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper
The contribution of growth in total factor productivity to growth in South Africa: 1970-97
Policy Paper (Interest) 16 This paper is concerned with revealing t...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper
A case of polarization paralysis: the debate surrounding a growth strategy for South Af...
Policy Paper (Interest) 01 This paper addresses two questions. The ...
Published: 27 September 2001
Policy Paper

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