JEL code: F40

Exploring Unbalanced Growth in South Africa: Understanding the Sectoral Structure of the South African Economy
This paper explores the reasons for the unbalanced growth structure...
3 October 2014
Working Paper
Transmission of China's Shocks to the BRIS Countries
This study examines the impact of China’s dominant position among t...
1 August 2013
Working Paper
Three Cycles: Housing, Credit and Real Activity
We examine the characteristics and co movement of cycles in house p...
22 September 2012
Working Paper
Patterns of co-movement between a developed and emerging market economy: The case of South Africa and Germany
This article examines the co-movement between a leading first-world...
22 September 2012
Working Paper
South Africa can reduce its crude oil import risk
Despite its small size and limited quantities of oil reserves, Sout...
27 September 2009
Policy Brief