JEL code: F16

The persistence of apartheid regional wage disparities in South Africa
Despite the ending of apartheid, regional wage disparities remain p...
2 April 2020
Working Paper
Occidental Rationalism: Its Early Impact on the Foundations of Modern Science
Rationalist thought has had a deep and lasting impact on modern civ...
3 September 2015
Working Paper
Effects of Reducing Tariffs in The Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC): A CGE Analysis
In this paper, the effects of reducing tariffs are analysed through...
2 October 2014
Working Paper
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Micro Enterprises: Do Banks Matter? Evidence from Indian Manufacturing
This paper looks at the impact of trade liberalization on output, f...
23 September 2012
Working Paper
US Trade and Wages: The Misleading Implications of Conventional Trade Theory
Conventional trade theory, which combines the Heckscher-Ohlin theor...
22 September 2012
Working Paper
Trade liberalisation and labour demand within South African manufacturing firms
Using new detailed tariff data, wages disaggregated by skill level ...
9 July 2005
Working Paper