JEL code: F15

Human capital and the timing of the first birth
This paper constructs and partially characterizes the solution of a...
8 July 2021
Working Paper
Understanding South Africa’s trade policy and performance
South Africa’s exports have lagged behind the rest of the world ove...
28 June 2021
Policy Paper
Dominant Firms and the Economy by Thomas Philippon
The topic for the fourth virtual meeting is Dominant Firms and the ...
1 December 2020
Market Potential, Agglomeration Effects and the Location of French Firms in Africa
This paper informs the debate on the existence of agglomeration eff...
12 March 2019
Working Paper
Determinants of tax revenue performance in the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
This paper investigates the determinants of tax revenue performance...
22 August 2018
Working Paper
Analysis of tax harmonisation in SADC
In this paper the authors provide an analysis of the extent of tax ...
4 September 2017
Policy Brief