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Prof. Nicola Viegi on SAMNet: a new economic modelling network is born
Adapting to the times, ERSA introduces its new initiative – the Sou...
9 October 2020
Is Basel III counter-cyclical: The case of South Africa?
This paper develops a dynamic general equilibrium model with bankin...
7 August 2018
Working Paper
Welfare analysis of bank capital requirements with endogenous default
This paper presents a tractable framework with endogenous default a...
12 June 2017
Working Paper
Effects of South African Monetary Policy Implementation on the CMA: A Panel Vector Autoregression Approach
The paper investigates the effects of South African monetary policy...
17 October 2016
Working Paper
Interaction of Formal and Informal Financial Markets in Quasi-Emerging Market Economies
The primary objective of this paper is to investigate the interacti...
16 January 2013
Working Paper
Forecasting the South African Economy: A DSGE-VAR Approach
This paper develops an estimable hybrid model that combines the mic...
19 September 2012
Working Paper