JEL code: E20

Credit market heterogeneity, balance sheet (in) dependence, financial shocks
This paper presents a real business cycle model with financial fric...
Published: 12 September 2016
Working Paper
What explains the recent growth performance in Sub-Saharan Africa? Results from a Bayes...
This paper empirically identifies the main driving forces behind th...
Published: 5 February 2016
Working Paper
Sources of Subsectoral Growth in South Africa
While South Africa’s growth performance has improved somewhat in re...
Published: 18 September 2013
Working Paper
Economic Growth and Inequality: Evidence from the Young Democracies of South America
We investigate in this paper whether income growth has played any r...
Published: 24 July 2013
Working Paper
Social capital as an engine of growth: Multisectoral modelling and implications
We propose a multisector endogenous growth model incorporating soci...
Published: 4 November 2012
Working Paper
The Exchange Rate, Dutch Disease and Manufacturing in South Africa: What do the Data Say?
The Dutch disease argument suggests that in commodity exporting cou...
Published: 26 September 2012
Working Paper