JEL code: D80

Prof Scott Baker on measuring economic policy uncertainty: yes, measuring uncertainty
Levels of uncertainty have existed throughout time yet measuring un...
23 October 2020
Pareto Optimality and Indeterminancy of General Equilibrium under Knightian Uncertainty
This paper studies general equilibrium theory, for both complete an...
11 March 2016
Working Paper
Macroeconomic Uncertainty in South Africa
This paper develops a new index of economic uncertainty for South A...
17 March 2015
Working Paper
ERSA Lecture Series in Economic Theory: “Knightian Uncertainty in Economics and Finance”
Lecturer: Professor Frank Riedel (University of Bielefeld, Germany)...
25 November 2014
An Alternative Approach to the Existence of Sunspot Equilibria
This paper offers an alternative approach to the existence of sunsp...
19 September 2012
Working Paper