JEL code: D1

Family-type Public Goods and Intra-Household Decision-Making by Co-Resident South African Couples
Intra-household decision-making is a fundamental development issue,...
2 March 2018
Policy Brief
The Migrant Network Effect: An empirical analysis of rural-to-urban migration in South Africa
Recent empirical migration literature in South Africa suggests that...
2 March 2015
Working Paper
Effects of Social Norms on Multiple Partnerships: Evidence from Young Adults in the Metropolitan Communitie...
Even though antiretroviral treatment is becoming more efficient and...
22 August 2014
Working Paper
‘Know Your Epidemic’: The Effects of Expected Health and Contextual Health Uncertainty on Risky Sex
This study measures the link between expected health and contextual...
22 August 2014
Working Paper
Remittances and sustainability of family livelihoods in Zimbabwe: Case Study of Chegutu Town
Zimbabwe had witnessed socio-economic challenges that resulted in m...
26 June 2014
Working Paper
Antitrust market definition using statistical learning techniques and consumer characteristics
Market definition is the first step in an antitrust case and relies...
23 September 2012
Working Paper