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Dr Daan Steenkamp on forecasting GDP: why trucks matter in SA
In our second podcast with Dr Daan Steenkamp, a lead economist at t...
19 March 2021
Estimating a time-varying financial conditions index for South Africa?
This paper uses 39 monthly time series of the financial market obse...
29 November 2017
Working Paper
Does the Equivalence Scale Matter? Equivalence and Out-of-Pocket Payments
We evaluate the effects of different equivalence scale parameter es...
12 June 2017
Policy Brief
Stock Return Predictability in South Africa: An Alternative Approach
There is considerable debate internationally as to whether share re...
24 May 2016
Policy Brief
Nowcasting Real GDP growth in South Africa
This paper uses nowcasting to forecast real GDP growth in South Afr...
12 February 2016
Policy Brief
Microsimulation Modelling
On 12-13 November 2015 the Public Economics Working Group of Econom...
3 September 2015