JEL code: C21

Measuring energy poverty in South Africa based on household required energy consumption
Energy poverty is a major concern in most of developing countries w...
15 December 2020
Working Paper
On sensitivity of Genetic Matching to the choice of balance measure
This paper considers the sensitivity of Genetic Matching (GenMatch)...
25 November 2020
Working Paper
Does the choice of balance-measure matter under Genetic Matching?
In applied studies, the influence of balance measures on the perfor...
6 May 2020
Working Paper
Who benefits from South African Child Support Grant: The role of gender and birthweight
Stunting (low height-for-age) is known to be a good proxy for a chi...
6 May 2019
Working Paper
"The Power of Nudging: Using Feedback, Competition and Responsibility Assignment to Save Electricity in a N...
We use behavioural insights to design nudges leveraging social comp...
17 September 2018
Working Paper
Gender and birth order effects on intra-household schooling choices and education attainments in Kenya
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two important family ch...
1 September 2017
Working Paper