JEL code: C14

Capturing the Black Swan: Scenario-Based Asset Allocation with Fat Tails and Non-Linear Correlations
This paper highlights the shortfalls of Modern Portfolio Theory (MP...
1 August 2017
Working Paper
An application of Panzar-Rosse Approach in assessing banking sector competition in Zimbabwe
An assessment of bank competition is important for a number of reas...
6 September 2016
Policy Brief
Qualitative Guidance and Predictability of Monetary Policy in South Africa
With the adoption of the in ation targeting (IT) regime in 2000, th...
17 August 2016
Working Paper
Assessing banking sector competition in Zimbabwe using a Panzar-Rosse Approach
This paper assesses the level of competition in Zimbabwe’s banking ...
20 April 2016
Working Paper
Climate change and economic growth in sub-Sahara Africa: A nonparametric evidence
Climate change has been classed as the greatest and urgent global i...
8 September 2014
Working Paper
The Economic Approach to Fertility: A Causal Mediation Analysis
This study develops an economic fertility model which explicitly in...
11 July 2014
Working Paper