JEL code: C11

Climate change and child health: A Nigerian perspective
The detrimental effect of climate change on health is becoming an e...
25 April 2022
Working Paper
Big data forecasting of South African inflation
We investigate whether the use of machine learning techniques and b...
25 February 2022
Working Paper
Is There A SADC Business Cycle: Evidence from Dynamic Factor Model
Countries that are successfully executing trade and economic libera...
30 May 2017
Policy Brief
Is There a SADC Business Cycle? Evidence from a Dynamic Factor Model
Countries that adopt a common currency automatically relinquish the...
30 November 2016
Working Paper
The impact of monetary policy on household consumption in South Africa. Evidence from Vector Autoregressive...
This paper investigates the “cost of credit effect” of monetary pol...
19 April 2016
Working Paper
Second Annual Econometrics Workshop: Bayesian Statistics in Econometrics
Invited Speaker: Professor Donald B. Rubin (Harvard) At the first E...
16 October 2015