JEL code: C1

Income convergence in Southern Africa: A non-linear time-varying coefficients framework
This article investigated income per capita convergence in the Sout...
14 April 2021
Working Paper
Understanding the behaviour of house prices and household income per capita in South Africa: Application of...
Homeownership by the lower and middle-income households is crucial ...
29 March 2021
Working Paper
Impact of macroeconomic announcements on foreign exchange volatility: Evidence from South Africa
This study focuses on scheduled macroeconomic news announcements an...
14 June 2018
Working Paper
Nonlinearities in Financial Development–Economic Growth Nexus: Evidence from sub–Saharan Africa (SSA)
The impact of financial development on economic growth has received...
17 January 2018
Policy Brief
Nonparametric estimation of a hedonic price model: A South African case study
Parametric regression models of hedonic price functions suffer from...
11 October 2013
Working Paper
Antitrust market definition using statistical learning techniques and consumer characteristics
Market definition is the first step in an antitrust case and relies...
23 September 2012
Working Paper