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Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy

Date & time: 
Selected Mondays 3-4pm (CAT)

The Economic Research Southern Africa webinars on ‘Structural Constraints on the Economy, Growth and Political Economy’ bring together scholars and practitioners of growth and political economy of Africa. The webinars reflect the current state of research in growth and political economy, and provide a forum for exchange for scholars and practitioners.

In addition to invited international speakers, Southern African-based scholars and practitioners on growth and political economy of Africa interested in giving a webinar may contact [email protected]

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Some of these webinars are available from here.

  • Monday 17 August, Andrea Presbitero (IMF and Johns Hopkins University), 'Financial Access under the Microscope'
  • Monday 24 August, Rodrigo Soares (Columbia University), 'Socially Optimal Crime and Punishment'
  • Monday 14 September, Eliana La Ferrara (Bocconi University), 'TBA'

Past Events:

Manoel Bittencourt (ERSA and University of Pretoria)